Our Mission 

We provide a unique solution to
meal planning services so the
average person can
eat better, not perfect. 
Because no one is perfect

Fresh ingredients delivered to your house for your next meal sounds ideal, right? Until you remember you’ve still got to prepare it AND clean the kitchen. Then, after you go through all that work, the kids won’t eat it because they say it’s “weird.” (smh… 🙄 )

That’s where we come in. 

We’re different from most meal planning services because we won’t propose anything too weird. We suggest every day ingredients and cater to your busy lifestyle. 

Plus, we offer the following services:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Customized meal plans
  • Detailed shopping lists
  • Personal shopping*
  • Meal preparation*
  • On-going support

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The Sprouting of 
Vaguely Vegan

Chasity, Founder of Vaguely Vegan

The idea of Vaguely Vegan was born when founder, Chasity, noticed that most meal planning services weren’t giving people exactly what they needed to live a healthier lifestyle.

Most people want to spend less time in the grocery store and the kitchen. Why? Because life is already so full. Yet, we know that eating healthy matters. We just need someone to make it easier for us. 

That’s where Vaguely Vegan comes in. We help the every day person eat better through custom meal planning services, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Oh yeah, we’ll support you on your healthy eating journey too!   

Get to know Chasity even more in her latest blog post, here

What makes you think that you can help me?

Never trust a skinny cook, right?

Well, my rolls (…or marbling, as I like to call it) give me a little credibility here. My family is on the same journey as many other families. We’re not perfect. And, I’m confident that we never will be.

At the end of the day, you should trust and believe in YOURSELF to help your family. I’m just some crazy woman on the Internet who can give you a little help, support and a good laugh along the way – probably at my own expense.

Are you a certified dietitian?

No. Always get advice from doctors and other health care professionals. Think of me as your best friend who passes along killer recipes and meal plans. 

Do yourself a favor though; find a doctor that doesn’t just let you off easy. Popping pills isn’t always the answer, my friend.

Do you work with all types of diets?

Yes. I’ll work with anyone on their food journey. I can’t promise that I won’t try to sneak in more grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables though 😛 Actually, we’re a mixed diet household as well. You can learn more about my crew’s eating habits here

Why are you so passionate about plant based foods?

I knew someone who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and addicted to food (hard core.) A couple years ago, he went to the Dr. John McDougall Health and Wellness Center for a 7-day Live-In Program – or as I jokingly called it ‘Fat Camp.’ 

The joke was on me.

When he came back he was completely off his prescription medications, weighed 25 pounds less and had a new perspective on food as nutrition. It was truly inspiring. Unfortunately, this transformation only lasted a couple months. Without the proper support system in place, he couldn’t maintain his new lifestyle. 

I was still intrigued by the transformation. 

As I started to research the science behind his original transformation, I learned that by eating the traditional American diet we are increasing our weight daily but yet we’re malnourished. We’re eating too much protein, sugar, and fat. And, we’re not getting nearly enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

In my own family, I saw this playing out as well. We battled a number of chronic issues that ranged from autoimmune diseases to constipation.

Inspired by what I was learning, I enrolled in the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through E-Cornell and earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. In this program we studied:

  • How what we eat impacts chronic disease and weight loss
  • Why we feel like we can’t give up certain types of foods
  • How eating a whole food, plant-based diet can support optimal health and performance
  • How to incorporate a whole food, plant-based diet
  • How government and industry can affect dietary choices and the environment

Being inspired by what I’ve seen with my own eyes and learned from leading experts in the field, I’ve made the decision that it’s in my family’s best interest to eat more beans, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

Each week, I focus on trying to get my family to eat better than they did the week before. With perseverance, I know that I will be successful over time.

How can I stay up-to-date on your family’s journey?

I’m glad you asked. Please feel free to stalk Vaguely Vegan’s social media sites. Everyone loves a good creeper! 😆 It’s on those sites that I will keep you updated on our journey.

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