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It’s 5:30 p.m. You’re just getting home from work. You’re tired. Work sucked, for more reasons than one. All you can think about is changing your clothes and sitting down to relax.  

Then, it happens. Someone greets you with that three letter phrase that sends you completely over the edge. You know the one, “What’s for dinner?”

Oh yeah, how could you forget? They want to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY!  😆

The clock has officially started on your second full-time job.

Dinner still needs planned and cooked. When you’re done with cooking, you’ll need to clean up from dinner, pack lunches for tomorrow, throw in a load of laundry, and help one of the kids with their spelling homework — while you’re taking another child to and from soccer practice. 

You secretly curse yourself for trying to be superwoman. You should have just went through the drive-thru!

Sound familiar?

You want help. You just don’t want to pay for an expensive meal planning service, still end up in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and have no leftovers for lunch — or dinner tomorrow night (because who has the time or energy to cook EVERY night?!)

We got your back!

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